Work in progress Glitch Delay

Posted on November 3, 2016

So I’ve been beavering away on a new Eurorack effect based on the Teensy board again!

Added a very rough demo, which starts with a dry loop, then entirely wet glitch effect. Dials from top to bottom are

  1. Glitch window size
  2. Glitch window speed
  3. Feedback
  4. Dry/Wet mix



The effect is sort of a cross between my previous AudioFreeze project and a digital delay. Is consists of a delay line with a write head and a read head. The difference being the read head is basically looping a tiny buffer behind the write head. This is implemented using 2 read heads which crossfade between each other to avoid popping. The¬†window (the size of which is controlled by pot 1) moves (forwards only currently due to lack of buffer size) through the buffer at a speed controlled by pot 2. There’s a certain element of randomness added too each time the loop restarts. It then has to jump over the write head as it cycles through the buffer.

Next stage is to extend the buffer time by adding more memory chips to my Teensy based board. I should hopefully be able to extend the time time from ~0.5s to around ~7s. This should give a lot more time to hear glitches repeat before the write head loops back around and the play heads have to skip over it.


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