Cutlasses is the solo project of maker and musician, Scott Pitkethly. A sound art project which seeks to integrate the process of creating music with the process of making the sound creation tools themselves. The compositions combine field recordings, recorded from various sites around the British Isles, which are heavily manipulated using DIY electronic controllers and effects he has designed and built himself,  accompanied by live guitar drones and melodies. Taking cues from the world of sound art and horror film soundtracks but always trying to apply pop sensibilities, the result is lush and cinematic soundscapes topped with delicate melody.

Scott is one half of RAVINE/MACHINE with Dr Amy Cutler.

As well as recording music, and performing live, Scott has given a number of talks at festivals and sound art events, on building DIY electronic instruments, with an aim of encouraging others to get involved, and join the maker community.

Checkout the blog for details on how some of these DIY instruments are made. Most of the devices are open source, so you can make them yourself. Check out the github here.

Check out bandcamp to hear a number of releases


Gorgeous, personal music with a raw aesthetic that seems interwoven with how it’s made. That is, the assembly of the code and hardware is tied up with the textures that result, in eerie, meditative digital sonic surfaces against organic acoustic rhythms.

Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music


Gorgeous harmonics and rhythmic semaphore

Brighton Source


There is a punk like approach to these tracks, deep electronic bass sounds, beats, overdriven guitar textures, melody but with a live feel and raw edge

Louder Than War