Posted on April 4, 2016

I’ve started work on my first Eurorack module. As my experience with analogue electronics is rather limited, and I’m a coder at heart, I’ve decided to base it around Teensy again (as I did with my Midi Pedal), so the functionally can be programmed in software. I’ve also added the Teensy Audio Shield, this supports 16 bit, stereo audio, rather than the 12-bit mono DAC on the standard Teensy.

My first module is the AudioFreeze, inspired by Mutable Instruments’ Clouds. It’s functionally much simpler though. It continuously samples incoming audio into a buffer. When the button is pressed it locks, or freezes the buffer and continuously loops it. You can then adjust the size of the looping window, and move the window inside the buffer with 2 pots.


A video posted by @scottpitkethly on

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