AudioFreeze Prototype built

Posted on June 15, 2016

After a few hours of soldering my PCB is populated and it works! There was no way of knowing for sure without building it, and as this was my first PCB I had some doubts, but thankfully it’s all good. The LEDs and corresponding resistors have yet to be added, I wanted to wait for the facia before soldering these in place to get the height right  It can be powered either via USB or from the 5V line on the Eurorack connection.

First version of the firmware is up on GitHub. Current version has only one mode. Top red button captures a loop of audio. Pots from top to bottom control:-

  • loop window size
  • loop window position
  • pitch
  • mix with incoming audio

Bottom red bottom currently doesn’t do anything, but my plan for the next version of the firmware is to have multiple modes. I’m thinking of a mode which has a volume based threshold for triggering the sampling, and possibly a granular delay mode. Also the ability to sample in 8 bit (rather than 16 bit) for increased loop time. LEDs are also unused currently, they will probably show active modes.

Next up is the fascia, hopefully laser cutting that this week so expect pictures soon.

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