Passive Mixer

Posted on July 26, 2018

I needed a way to mix the audio from the modules I’d built recently. As Eurorack signals are generally rather hot, running 10vpp (considerably higher than line level), I thought a passive solution made sense. The circuit was very simple so I put it together on vero board. A new lesson I have learnt is, be careful where you source your pots! I ordered 8 cheap from China and had issues with all but 2 of them, which resulted in hours of needless debugging.

I wanted something to make the project slightly more interesting, so added a kill switch for each channel. Partly because I thought it would be useful, and partly because I liked the look of these tactile switches!

I housed the mixer circuit in a small hammond aluminium case, really glad I bought a pillar drill!


Veroboard wiring


Drill holes


Changed my mind on the choice of knobs

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