DIY case almost ready..

Posted on April 21, 2019



Happy Easter! I’ve spent my time off crafting a DIY case to house the modules I’ve been building. As I’ve been trying to perform using only DIY instruments and effects I’ve built myself, then as Jedi must craft their own lightsaber, it seems fitting I should create my own case. Actually, I already have my Chilli Box case, but I’ve rather outgrown it, size-wise.

The case is based around a Habitat trunk which I got in the sale. I used aluminium rails from Mouser, which I set M2.5 nuts into. I cut these down to the correct length with a hacksaw. These were then mounted onto an aluminium mounting frame from Thonk. The frame went together ok, although, getting the supplied bolts to cut a thread into the aluminium rail was a bit tricky, and I managed to rather chew up the head on one of the bolts. Hopefully I don’t need to get that out again!




The trunk case has a lip all the way around so I ‘plugged’ this by screwing a block of wood on each side, flush with the lip, that I could then mount the frame into.

The power supply was just a cheap Chinese board from eBay (TPS5430), that I added a couple of extra filtering capacitors to, and then used Vero board to mount header to for the ribbon cabled to connect to. The filtering caps were 100uF and 10uF, chosen more due to what was on hand than by any form of science.




Still need to mount and test it with all my modules, let’s see what new and exciting problems that brings..

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