Case and new module finished

Posted on May 16, 2019

Nothing is more motivating than an imminent deadline, and my gig in Berlin served as a good end point to get my new case finished, and a brand new module into it.

The case was built out of a Habitat trunk, see more details here. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s nice and light, and hopefully pretty sturdy. It survived the flight back from Berlin anyway.



The new module is actually just a re-working of the GlitchDelay, but it’s using the new PCB I’ve designed. Which uses Teensy 3.5 (again) coupled with an external WM8731 codec (for reduced noise), and has 6 buffered CV inputs. It’s all SMD to keep the size down. The idea is that I’ll be able to produce different front panels, for different module functionality, but keep the back panel the same. I laser cut a panel on ply-wood for the first time. The contrast between the etched and non-etched material is much higher than with the acrylic, which I like.



Next on the agenda is to modify the case to squeeze a row of 1U modules in. Ideally I can just use this case, with external noise boxes/instruments when playing out live.

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