Build a DaisyDrone!

Posted on July 1, 2022

I’ve made the schematics and gerber files available for download on GitHub here!

DaisyDrone is a drone synth, with 6 sliders, Inspired by @HAINBACH ‘s use of vintage oscillators and test equipment. This combines 18 sine waves. Each slider controls the gain of a set of 3 sine waves at slightly offset pitches centred around a frequency within the key shown in the display. The frequency of the sines increases from left to right. The magic comes from the way they are summed (controlled by the 3-way switch). Either averaged (boring!), or wavefolded with a sine wave or a triangle wave. The wave folding produces the rhythmic elements. An encoder is used to set the note of the base frequency, displayed in the 7 segment display.

Here’s a little demo of it..

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