The Teensy Trio

Posted on June 21, 2018

I’ve now built up 3 modules based on my Teensy eurorack board. It was recently discovered that the Teensy 3.5 actually has 256k ram (I think previously it was stated as having 192k?). The latest version of Teensyduino (1.42) unlocks this, so the 3.5 will probably be my goto Teensy board for the near future, as processor speed seems ample to run the effects I’ve written so far.



The three firmwares featured are:

GlitchDelay – 4 glitching read heads on a delay line

AudioFreeze – freeze sections of audio and adjust playback speed, with tape wow/flutter effect

KhronoKrusher – lo-fi delay


The KhronoKrusher is the only module which I’ve not mentioned on here before. This one makes extensive use of the Teensy audio library effects, including the new Freeverb effect which came in Teensyduino 1.42. It’s basically a delay -> reverb -> bitcrusher effects chain. It turns out 6 dials wasn’t enough to set all the parameters, so I added what is referred to in the code as ‘push and turn’ e.g. holding down one of the buttons and turning the top knob alters secondary parameters.

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